33 Unique Engagement Ring Settings & Styles

33 Unique Engagement Ring Settings & Styles

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Harry Winston Cluster Large Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Harry Winston

Harry Winston Cluster Large Diamond Ring, price upon request, Harry Winston

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Bario Neal Trillion Dyad Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

Trillion Dyad Ring, priced from $2,550, Bario Neal

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Karma el Khalil Topaz Diamond 18K Gold Triangle Ring

Courtesy of Karma el Khalil

Topaz Diamond 18K Gold Triangle Ring, price upon request, Karma el Khalil

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Anita Ko Three-stone claw ring

Courtesy of Anita Ko

Three-stone claw ring, $10,300, Anita Ko

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Eva Fehren Rose Warrior

Courtesy of Eva Fehren

The Rose Warrior, $28,500, Eva Fehren

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Harry Kotlar 'The Vault' Ring

Courtesy of Harry Koltar

The Kotlar Collection 'The Vault' Ring, price upon request, Harry Kotlar

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Celia Brown Teeth Pave Ring

Courtesy of Celia Brown

Teeth Pave ring, price upon request, Celia Brown

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Jacquie Aiche Teardrop Diamond Crown Ring

Courtesy of Jacque Aiche

Teardrop diamond crown ring, $3,750, Jacquie Aiche

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Kvant & Sarart Talay Wave White Gold Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Kavant & Sharart

Talay Wave White Gold Diamond Ring, $5,660, Kavant & Sharart

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Alezan by SK Shanhan Chevron Ring

Courtesy of Alezan by SK

Shanhan chevron ring in diamonds and yellow gold, approximately $9802, Alezan by SK

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Repossi Serti sur Vide White Gold Ring

Courtesy of Repossi

Serti sur Vide white gold ring with pear diamonds, price upon request, Repossi

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Digby & Iona Salt & Pepper Kira Ring

Courtesy of Digby & Iona

Salt & Pepper Kira 18k yellow recycled gold ring with 1.45tcw trillion diamonds, $3,310, Digby & Iona

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Jade Trau Forevermark Rae Wrap Ring

Courtesy of Forevermark

Rae Wrap Ring, price upon request, Jade Trau available at Forevermark

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Hueb Plisse Ring

Courtesy of Hueb

Plisse Ring, price upon request, Hueb

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Wwake European Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Wwake

One of a kind large old European diamond ring, $14,690, Wwake

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Bliss Lau Mirage ring

Courtesy of Bliss Lau

Mirage ring with custom-cut Fair Trade Black Spinel, claw-set with graduating pave Diamonds, $4,235, Bliss Lau

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Gismondi Il Viaggio Dune Ring

Courtesy of Gismondi 1754

Il Viaggio Dune ring, price upon request, Gismondi 1754

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Azlee Glow Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Azlee Jewelry

Glow diamond ring, $2,900, Azlee

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The One I Love Georgian Diamond Disk Ring

Courtesy of The One I Love NYC

Georgian Diamond Disk Ring, $3,950, The One I Love NYC

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Swati Dhanak Feature Shard Ring

Courtesy of Swati Dhanak

Feature Shard Ring, $2,590, Swati Dhanak

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Kat Kim Emerald Sunset PavГ© Ring

Courtesy of Kat Kim

Emerald Sunset PavГ© Ring, $14,000, Kat Kim

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Ilana Ariel Diamond Pear Short Ring

Courtesy of Ilana Ariel

Diamond Pear Short Ring, $5,300, Ilana Ariel

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Yeprem Drop Band Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

Drop Band Diamond Ring, $12,700, Yeprem available at Moda Operandi

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Graziela Diamond Affinity Ring

Courtesy of Graziela

Diamond Affinity Ring, $4,650, Graziela

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Jane Taylor Cirque Petite Cloud Swing Ring

Courtesy of Jane Taylor

Cirque Petite Cloud Swing Ring with Diamonds, $13,675, Jane Taylor

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Spinelli Kilcollin Atremis Ring

Courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin

Atremis Ring, price upon request, Spinelli Kilcollin

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Kwiat Ashoka Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Kwiat

Ashoka diamond ring in platinum, price upon request, Kwiat

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Anne Sisteron Morganite Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Anne Sisteron

14K rose gold morganite diamond ring, $1,870, Anne Sisteron

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Mark Broumand Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Mark Broumand

8.01ct Fancy Dark Brown Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring, $19,995, Mark Broumand

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AprГЁs Jewelry 'The Nova Ring'

Courtesy of AprГЁs Jewelry

'The Nova Ring' Marquise cut white diamond modern T-Bar style pavГЁ band ring with an X-shaped pavГЁ halo, $2,760, AprГЁs Jewelry

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Leo Ingwer 'Samara' Ring

Courtesy of Leo Ingwer

'Samara' east to west set marquise ring with a halo of diamonds and a braided micro pave diamond band, price upon request, Leo Ingwer

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Dauphin 'Disruptive Ring'

Courtesy of Dauphin

'Disruptive Ring' white oval-cut diamonds in 18K white gold, price upon request, Dauphin

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Misahara 'Garden of Eden' Ring

Courtesy of Misahara

'Garden Of Eden' ring with 3ct KVS2 center white diamond, .5ct emeralds, .2ct champagne diamonds set in 18K rose gold, price upon request, Misahara


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